HASAT BNO Group have been implemented ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP systems from foundation to 2007. In 2007, BRC Global Food Standarts have been started to be applied and has been using these systems for 4 years.

It has been quick and efficient for HASAT BNO Group to start to use BRC Global food standarts. Since the certificates have been taken, company has become significant position among the companies using these standards all over the world. Today, these standards are existing in our system. Our company have been working with certification bodies accredited by BRC by the control of selection among the organizations.

As a reaction of food disease occured in the past like BSE, infected beef, Salmonella poising in poultry and eggs, high Listeria level in dairy products BRC (British Retail Consortium, A British trade organization representing the interest of British Retailers) has issued “BRC-Global Food Standarts” determining the minimum standards of hygiene in food production facilities.

BRC – Global Food Standard has been designed for suplliers working for British Retailers regardless of product or country of origin. This template is not a legal requirement of conformity but it`s seen as almost a neccessity by British retailers. To comply with the standard, food suppliers /manufacturers should adopt three main criterias in management systems.
Adopted and the implemention of HACCP
Certificated and effective quailty management system
The factory environment standards, products, processes and audit of personnel
Certification of our food management system against the requirements of the BRC – Global Food Standard utilize the advantages below for our company.
Improves food security and food safety management system
Presents your commitment about safe food producing / selling
Recognition by British Retailer Consortium
Increases product safety and quality assurance of your customer / consumers
Develops new market / new costumer perspective
Easier control of supplier evaluation in place and control of supplier