Sun Dried Tomatoes

Aegean Sun in Tables…

We have been producing the most quality product at suitable conditions with our experienced and professional Re-De and Quality Assurance team. By our contracted growers, tomatoes chosen with attention are grown under the control of QA and Re-De Team from seed to harvest. When tomatoes are ripen, they are brought to sun-drying stations in every region of Aegean and sun-drying process is started.

HASAT BNO Group both grows, dries and processes with it`s 200 tones production capacity per month.

Sun-dried tomatoes are classified as halves, slices, cubes (from dimensions of 3*3 mm to 12*12 mm), 6-cut and 4-cut. All these types are processed to consume as ready-to-eat by marinate and re-moisturizing. Except this classification, sun dried tomatoes is also produced as granules and powder. Sun semi dried tomatoes are processed as 4-cut.

We present you the most ideal with our dried and ready-to-eat products. We are producing the best and most quality product for you with proud and honour by the experience of years. Meals are more colourful and inviting from macaroni to salad, from bread to pizza with our sun dried tomato types now